Why work for passages, INC?

There are many reasons to become a Direct Support Professional at Passages. Professional Experience & Training, Industry & Growth Demand, Meaningful Work, Flexible Schedule & Home-Like Work Environment, and many more.

Professional Experience and Training

Becoming a DSP is a great way to launch a career in healthcare, social work, counseling, human services, and related fields. It is one of the few entry-level opportunities that can get you familiar with working with clients directly, addressing their personal conditions, learning industry terminology and regulations, and getting valuable on-the-job training.

Industry Growth and Demand

The demand for direct support workers is projected to grow much faster than the average for all occupations, making it a very valuable job. Many individuals find DSP work to be fulfilling and rewarding, lifetime career path. DSPs can also advance to become housing managers, designated coordinators, and executive directors of similar organizations.

Meaningful Work and Insights

If you are someone who enjoys helping individuals and learning about human behavior, then DSP work may be a great fit for you. The day-to-day work of a DSP has a strong impact on the individuals we serve, and makes a clear difference in their abilities to live independent and fulfilling lives.

Flexible Variety of Schedules and Supplemental Income

Because the individuals we serve may need round-the-clock care, DSPs may find work available during any shift. To that end, Passages has a variety of shift types— days, afternoons, evenings, and overnights!

Casual Dress Code and Home-Like Work Environment

Passages takes great care to ensure that our settings are welcoming and comfortable for the individuals we serve. DSPs have the luxury of wearing their everyday clothing to work, and sharing the comfort of working in home-like settings.

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DSP Sign On Bonus - $500

Full or Part Time

  • Any applicant who is hired as a DSP (full or part time) will be eligible for a $500 sign on bonus
  • $100 will be paid out on the first pay check
  • $400 will be paid out on the first check after 90 days of employment
  • The DSP Sign On Bonus is discretionary and may be discontinued or changed at the discretion of Executive Management

Employee Recruitment Bonus - $1000

Refer people to us!

  • If Passages hires a DSP, who you referred, you are eligible to receive an Employee Recruitment Bonus of $1000
  • The newly hired employee must be FULL TIME & complete 90 days of employment in order for you to receive the bonus
  • The bonus will be paid out with the next payroll date after the 90 days are achieved
  • You must still be an active employee after in order to be paid the bonus
  • The Employee Recruitment Bonus is discretionary and may be discontinued or changed at the discretion of Executive Management

Recruitment Incentive Bonus for DSPs - $450

Part Time or PRN & Non-DSP Positions

  • If Passages hires a candidate that you have referred for employment as a part time or PRN DSP or Non-DSP position, you are eligible for a recruitment incentive bonus and will receive $25 at the time the new hire receives their first paycheck
  • If that new hire continues with Passages through 90 days, you will receive $125
  • If that employee continues with Passages through 180 days, you will receive $300
  • The Recruitment Incentive Bonus is discretionary and may be discontinued or changed at the discretion of Executive Management
  • This Recruitment Incentive Bonus is available to all employees, salaried and non-salaried, excluding executive team members. Salaried staff are ineligible for Recruitment Bonus payments for referrals within their own division/department/home or if the new hire has any direct or indirect reporting relationship to the salaried employee making the referral

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Through an affiliated organization, Passages offers affordable housing for low- to moderate-income families.


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